Ram with a bra


during the autumn rutting season, red deer stag find themselves with elaborate bracken crowns from having rubbed their heads against the ground, which they do to strengthen their neck muscles so as to help them in battle with those competing for the affections of the does. photos by (click pic) mark smith, toby melville, luke millward and greg morgan in london’s richmond park. (see also: more autumn rut in richmond park)

*reference reblog*  

*reference reblog*  

How was my weekend

 …. but I still love this game. Even the story is corny. 
Pokemon Reborn

for the halloween thingy, draw yourself dressed up as a pokemon trainer!

"Tsk tsk. Respect the nature."  :’3

Alhippa suggested Team Aquas Leader and 13

Oh I forgot the necklace. :’3

Since you asked, I'll give you Agent 47 and color palette #8. Have fun <3

There you go honey……. This was very disturbing to draw….

Just watched Dear Zachary


… Urgh….. But I dont regret watching it..

Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father

Ameku suggested Nagisa 11


I noticed that the colours are a liiiittle bit different compared to the palette. … Hmm, before I start drawing the next one I’ll have to check my Photoshop color profile.